Steamer Southern Seafood Kitchen

This project was the most fun out of everything I got assigned while I was working at my Imagewest internship. Steamer Seafood Southern Kitchen was doing an entire rebrand, and I was tasked with redesigning the kids’ menu. I excitedly … Read More

Logo Examples

These are the logos I have designed during my college experience of which I am the proudest.More info is on the individual captions. Feel free to click and scroll through “>“>

Seal Searcher

A project I did in my senior digital design class in which I explored modern app design in a fun, whimsical way. Our professor asked us all to make an app to find lost dogs.  To make it more entertaining … Read More

Noodle Boi Life Assets

This was for one of my final projects in my app design classes. Our professor tasked us with the job of designing a unique gaming app. I didn’t want to go with the standard PvP or Sidescroller, though.  Since I … Read More

Friends of Scales

This was one of my final projects in my senior design class.  My classmates and I were given the opportunity to redesign a charity website, or create our own charity website design.I chose to do the former, and I wanted … Read More

Bäckerei Mangold

When I studied abroad in Bregenz, Austria for a month in the summer of 2017, I witnessed breathtaking and inspiring sights, smells, and sounds. One of the projects I accomplished while over there was redesigning a local store’s logo and … Read More

Guter Hund

This was another project done during my summer in Bregenz, Austria.  We had to create our own brands, and I got inspired by the huge dog culture in the little town. Guter Hund means Good Dog in German, and it’s … Read More


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