Noodle Boi Life Assets

This was for one of my final projects in my app design classes. Our professor tasked us with the job of designing a unique gaming app.

I didn’t want to go with the standard PvP or Sidescroller, though.  Since I am a big fan of pokemon, I took a bit of inspiration from the collecting aspect.
I was inspired by my roommate. She has a pet ball python named Button, and the snake is just the sweetest thing.

Unfortunuately, most people think all snakes are frightening. My goal with the all of the original art was to make super cute looking snakes to invite people to change their minds about the reptiles.

I am looking at figuring out how to code the game right now. I have been looking at Unity tutorials to build it lately.

Currently, there are 14 hatchable snakes to collect and raise, but I will probably make more at some point!

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